Guest Expectations

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All conference center guests are expected to live up to the standards listed below and youth participating in conference events at Mikell are under the responsibility of their leaders and chaperones.

Care for the natural beauty of Mikell, respecting all animals and plants, and helping to keep the grounds clean.
+ Please pick up your trash; recycle your aluminum, plastic, and glass.
+ Stay on marked paths. Please don’t use erosion trails.

Camp Mikell CreekCare for the material possessions at Mikell (buildings, furniture, equipment, etc.) use and enjoy them with good judgment.
+ No writing on anything, anywhere.
+ Do not enter off-limits areas: the kitchen loading dock, maintenance building, ropes course (high and low), climbing wall, linen house, Nature Center, and the creek. Youth in the creek must be under adult supervision.
+ Take responsibility for any damage. If you have broken something, please tell us.

Respect the rights of other guests in our Christian community:
+ Please be quiet between 11:00 PM-7:00 AM
+ Respect others’ property.
+ Stay in your group’s designated area.
+ Listen to and follow the guidance of chaperones and Mikell staff.

Guests under 21 may not have alcohol in their possession, guests under 18 may not have tobacco products, and no guest may have illegal drugs. Guests violating this standard will be asked to leave.

Always wear shoes outside of sleeping areas. This is especially important to protect against foot injury and snakebites. Also, please don’t run in the dining hall.

Youth should not be in sleeping areas without adult supervision.

Kid CampNote to Chaperones of Young People (i.e., adults age 18 or older who have been screened and assigned by the user group coordinator):
We ask your cooperation in helping uphold the above standards for children and youth, and we ask you to be attentive to your group while here.

Most groups of young people love being here and care for the property, but occasionally we have a group, which is unruly and destructive. This is almost always when the chaperones are not paying attention. Please be with your young people during their periods of free time. This is when safety problems can occur and it is during free time that we sometimes experience vandalism.

We will charge your group for any malicious damage in dormitories or other areas of Mikell.

We expect that there will be one chaperone for every eight youth and that they will live in the dormitories with the kids. We do not provide chaperones, but if you would like a list of names and phone numbers of available summer staff members, we will be glad to provide it so that you may make arrangements with them.

Thank you for abiding by these expectations. By working together, we can create a positive and enjoyable stay for everyone!