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Bishop Child Retreat Village

Bishop Child Retreat Village

We have a total of 230 beds, 156 in dormitories and 74 in semi-private rooms. Our Upper Campus rooms have two single beds in each room and two rooms share a bathroom. Our Bishop Child Retreat Village rooms have two double beds and a private bath in each room. Towels and bed linens are provided in the semi-private rooms. Guests need to bring their own towels and bed linens when staying in dormitories.

Bishop Child Retreat Village Conference Room: 120 people
Walker Conference Room: 30-60 people
Wilkins Hall: 150-250 people

Please contact Amanda should your group be less than the minimum number stated.

Meals are served at the following times unless special arrangements are made:
Breakfast 8:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Dinner 6:00 PM* *Dinner on Friday Evenings is served from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Soft drinks, snacks and hors d’oeuvres are available upon advanced request.

All arrangements should be made through one person from your group. Clearances, invoicing, problems, etc. will be dealt with through this Group Coordinator. This person should check-in at the Mikell office upon arrival.

The Group Coordinator, or those assigned by the coordinator, is responsible for:
– Supervision of the group and their behavior
– Any recreational activities (except the ropes course/climbing wall, which is led by the Blue Ridge Staff and the pool which will be supervised by a certified lifeguard)
– Screening of user group staff for those responsible for minors.

Check-in is 4:00 PM on your arrival date.

Check-out is 11:00 AM from rooms and 2:00 PM from conference areas on your departure date.

If your group requires different check in/out times, please coordinate this with the Mikell office.

Telephone calls, messages, etc. will be taken and messages will be posted on message board outside office. If the message is an emergency, it will be passed on immediately.

There are two telephones in Walker Lodge located across from the office and across from the public restrooms. In the Retreat Village, there is a telephone located on the porch of the conference room.

During the times when staff cannot answer the phone the answering machine will receive calls. There is staff members’ numbers listed on the answering machine for emergencies.

***************IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY*********************************

In an emergency, please find the nearest phone and dial 9-911. Don’t forget to dial a 9 first, wait for a dial tone, and then 911. Our address is 237 Camp Mikell Court, or advise that you are at Camp Mikell.

Please advise to the best of your ability where in camp the emergency is and what type of emergency. Do not hang up until advised to do so. It is helpful to send someone to the front gate to direct emergency vehicles to the exact location.

In case of an emergency, the Executive Director, The Rev. Ken Struble may be reached on his cell phone (706) 491-0280 or at home (706) 886-4911.


The Mikell Board of Governors has adopted the following policy regarding the use of alcoholic beverages at Mikell. Although the use of alcohol beverages is not prohibited, it is not encouraged. It is expected that consumption will be moderate and confined to guest rooms or specially assigned areas. Alcoholic beverages will not be left out unattended or overnight in public areas. Non-legal use or abuse of alcohol and/or the non-medical use of drugs will not be tolerated. Persons abusing this policy will leave the property.

Smoking is prohibited in any guest rooms, all public buildings at this facility, and around non-smoking guests and children. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Firearms are not permitted on Mikell Property.

We recommend you gather the following information for each participant in your group:
– Name and address
– Emergency contact numbers
– Any known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment or restrictions
– Signed permission to seek emergency treatment for minors.

In addition, we recommend at least one person from your group be certified in First Aid and CPR.

Due to health regulations and for the convenience of other guests, we ask that you not bring pets to Mikell.

Equipment is available by special arrangement and includes: VCR/DVD and television, PA system, podium, easels and newsprint, markers, piano, digital projector ($20/day OR $35/weekend), and limited sports equipment. Please do not bring personal sports equipment.

Mikell Chapel

Mikell Chapel

A kit for the Eucharist (chalice, paten, wine, water, purificator, corporal, priest’s host, and wafers) will be provided upon request. Please notify in advance if you would like a Eucharist kit. Baked bread from the Dining Hall is available if requested in advance.

Mikell Camp and Conference Center is owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Our Executive Director is The Rev. Kenneth Struble.

We can be reached at:
Mikell Camp and Conference Center
237 Camp Mikell Court, Toccoa, GA 30577
(706) 886-7515.

In case of an emergency, the Executive Director, The Rev. Ken Struble may be reached on his cell phone (706) 491-0280 or at home (706) 886-4911.