Class Offerings – Spring 2017

Basket Weaving

Instructors/Artists: Lavonne Markel and Jan Stansell

Weave a beautiful Easter Basket with custom colors that will become a family heirloom.

Supply Fee: $15.00 – Class limit 8.

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Copper Enameling

Instructor/Artist: Judy McDonald

Practice different methods of applying colorful enamel to various copper forms and firing them in a kiln to create small art pieces and jewelry. Students will learn basic copper enameling technique and produce several finished pieces by the end of the weekend. Bring old leather or clean gardening gloves to wear when using the kiln. We will have some extras, but it is good to have your own. We will have latex gloves and masks for handling chemicals or using the enamel powder.
Supplies are provided, but if you’ve done some enameling and have sifters, tweezers, or other tools, please bring them.

Supply Fee: $20.00 – Class limit 10.

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Creative Writing

Instructor/Artist: Edie Teal

Bring a pen and pad or laptop and any writing that you have done that you would be willing to share

Class limit 8.

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Instructor/Artists: Becky Walker and Sally Blankenship

An art form that is both fun and messy. Discover techniques from ancient to modern. We will
make wall hangings, rugs, and seat pads. Create a picture using wool fiber – some needle
felting and some wet felting.

Supply Fee: $25.00 – Class limit 8.

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Independent Study

For those who would like to work alone or with another person without an instructor, e.g. writing, painting.

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Instructors/Artists: Kat Ballard and Marie Brown

An art form that is fun, versatile, and easy to learn! Beginners will learn the basics on a simple cowl. Intermediate knitters will hone their skills on a leaf-lace pattern cowl.

Supply Fee of $14.00 – Class Limit 5 Beginner and 5 Intermediate.

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Instructor/Artist: Stephanie Maley

“Camera Basics to Creativity” Create and Share. Bring your digital cameras and join us for a weekend of fun. Want to move off the “P” (for professional) button? Take some beautiful scenery shots and portraits of each other. Bring your cameras (point-n-shoots included), and if you have a tripod, pack that too – not required.

Class Limit 10.

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Instructors/Artists: Sally Blankenship and Hala Hess White

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned quilter, you’ll enjoy a relaxed weekend of stitching and fellowship. We have a new project each year that employs the latest rotary cutting, machine piecing techniques, and that can be created in a variety of sizes. Work on the class project or your own. This is artistic collaboration at its best as we encourage and nudge each other’s creative spirits. Bring your sewing machine or let us know if you need to borrow one. Specific project details will be emailed to participants upon registration.

Class Limit 10.

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Instructor/Artist: Elke Shubert

Spinning is relaxing and fun! We will discuss different types of fiber preparations and fiber selection, learn how to draft fibers, spin on a hand spindle and spinning wheel, ply and how to store yarn. Students can bring their own spinning wheel – wheel has to be in good working order. Students can also bring other spinning equipment (if they have it already at home) like hand carders, niddy noddy, yarn ball winder, and nostepinne. Teacher will supply fiber and hand spindle.

Supply Fee of $15.00 – Class limit 5.

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Stained Glass

Instructors/Artists: Ethel Wright and Nancy Brockway

Participants will build a simple stained glass panel using the copper foil or lead method; you will learn basic stained glass techniques, including: glass cutting, breaking and grinding, the copper foil (Tiffany) or leaded glass construction method and soldering.

Supply Fee of $35.00 – Class limit 8.

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Tile Mosaics

Instructors/Artists: Jeanie and Walter Daves

You will use a variety of mosaic tesserae (small pieces of hard material) to decorate a small wall shelf piece. Tesserae will include fired small tile pieces, broken ceramic tile and crockery, and colored glass. The instructors will provide the shelves and all materials for decorating and grouting.
If you have a pair of tile nippers, bring them along, also close fitting latex gloves, cotton gardening gloves, any mosaic pieces you might want to include in your piece, and some sketches or ideas for motifs and colorful schemes.

Supply Fee of $20.00 – Class limit 10.

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Instructor/Artist: Ann Lynn Whiteside

We will be making scarf using the State of Georgia tartan. Tartans are plaids with a very specific sett- arrangement of colors and numbers of ends or threads- and colors particular to the region. In the beginning tartans were regional, and estate oriented. In 1850’s they became more clan or family definite.

Supply Fee of $20.00 – Class limit 6.

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Wood Turning

Instructor/Artist: Doc Davis

Learn to turn a bowl, make boxes and to do spindle turning, such as candlesticks and pens.
Each participant from beginner to experienced turner will work at their own pace and skill level.
Bring wood turning tools if you have them. Otherwise, tools will be provided.

Supply Fee of $20.00 – Class limit 9.

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